Frequently asked questions

What business requirements are there to enter?

You must be a business offering services or products to engaged couples along with either your business or home address must be based in the Bristol, Somerset, Wiltshire, and surrounding areas. (Please see full list of eligible postcodes below).


Taunton: TA1, TA2, TA3, TA4, TA5, TA6, TA7, TA8, TA9, TA10, TA11, TA12, TA13, TA14, TA15, TA16, TA17, TA18, TA19, TA20, TA21, TA22, TA23, TA24 Bath: BA1, BA2, BA3, BA4, BA5, BA6, BA7, BA8, BA9, BA10, BA11, BA12, BA13, BA14, BA15, BA16, BA20, BA21, BA22 Surrounding areas: Dorset DT7, DT6, DT8, DT9, DT10, DT11 Exeter EX13, EX14, EX15, EX16, EX36, EX32, EX31, EX35


BS0, BS1, BS2, BS3, BS4, BS5, BS6, BS7, BS8, BS9, BS10, BS11, BS12, BS13, BS14, BS15, BS16, BS20, BS21, BS22, BS23, BS24, BS25, BS26, BS27, BS28, BS29, BS30, BS31, BS32, BS44, BS35, BS36, BS37, BS39, BS40, BS40, BS41, BS48, BS49, BS98, BS99 Surrounding areas: GL13, GL12, GL9, GL8, GL7, GL11, GL15, GL14,


Salisbury: SP1, SP2, SP3, SP4, SP5, SP6, SP7, SP8, SP9, SP10, SP11 Swindon: SN1, SN2, SN3, SN4, SN5, SN6, SN7, SN8, SN9, SN10, SN11, SN12, SN13, SN14, SN15, SN16, SN25, SN26, SN38, SN99 Surrounding areas: RG17, RG28, SP8, SO7, SP3, SP4, SP9, SP11

I am a business who regularly covers the designated postal code areas, BUT I do not live there, or business address isn’t included in the list of postcodes, can I still enter?

The BSW Wedding Awards have been created for our talented and local companies who provide phenomenal services and products to the local BSW engaged couples on a REGULAR basis. We understand that we cannot provide you with a wider range of postal codes and we do have to create a boundary, ensuring it is kept fair for all businesses entering.

If you regularly provide products and services to the set postal code areas, but do not have an address within them, you are able to enter under the strict guidelines below and are accepted under the discretion of the awards team and judging panel. ‘REGULARLY’ must be a substantial amount of bookings per your ratio of weddings.

  • You must provide a written and signed letter from a minimum of 3 wedding business owners and/or venues that you have worked with. They must be able confirm that you work with them on a REGULAR basis and any feedback or comments they wish to leave. These suppliers must supply valid contact details and understand that the awards team will contact them for further questions.
  • Supporting evidence of regular bookings from venues/suppliers/areas such as imagery/documentation.
  • The total number of bookings you’ve competed ANYWHERE throughout the last 0-5 years.
  • The total number of bookings you have ANYWHERE in the next 0-3+ years.
  • The total number of weddings you’ve completed in the BSW area over the last 0-5 years (Or since trading)
  • The total number of (current) bookings you have in the BSW area in the next 0-3+ years

All information supplied will be kept strictly confidential and must be emailed separately with your business name to

How many categories can I enter?

As long as your entry is suitable to the category entered, you can enter up to 3 categories. An individual entry per category will be required. For example, if you are entering bridal, menswear, and bridesmaids you will have to fill out the form 3 times, once for each category.

What are the stages during the awards?

Entries and nominations open first! You can nominate your fellow industry friends and you can enter your own business. Remember, when you nominate another business this doesn’t “enter” them into the awards, we will notify them of the nomination, and they would then need to make an application for their own individual business.

Once the entry deadline closes, the awards team and judges will then work through entries and make an announcement of the list of finalists. All finalists and any supporting friends and family are then invited to purchase tickets for the awards evening. The judges get to work on working through the list of finalists and judge the categories. The judges points are collected and collated along with all feedback and the team will select the winners and any highly commended, ready to announce at the awards evening ceremony.

How do the Awards team ensure that the process and selection of the winners is made fairly?

All judges judge the entries blind, so all entries have no business names or clues to who the business is. They only know the category. All judging votes and feedback are collected, and then the team collate all of this and that is how a winner is selected. If any categories have more than one outstanding entry, then a highly commended will be selected within that category too.

Do I have to get my couples to vote for me?

In previous years, your couples have been able to vote for your business, however due to Covid 19 we know that most businesses haven’t provided wedding services. We are still taking testimonials from your past couples from any year, we will just require their contact details and will need to be happy to be contacted at random by the awards team to clarify their information and feedback, for this year, to keep it fair, they will not contribute to overall scoring.

How are the awards financed?

The BSW Wedding awards, whilst operated by The Wedding Emporium, is a not-for-profit entity. The team host the awards to help bring the wedding industry together on a yearly basis and help celebrate one another’s successes. The awards are financed by the ticket sales at the Wedding Awards along with any Sponsorship and partnerships. This is to help cover the costs of the outgoings, from the yummy dinner for you all, to the trophies and hosting of our website! The team will always work hard on ensuring the event is a success for you all and that the results will contribute toward the growth of your business.

The BSW Wedding Awards continue to offer support to The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation charity along with any other opportunities to support more incredible people organisations in the future.

Is it free to enter the awards?

Yes, it certainly is, it’s free to enter the awards. Tickets are available to purchase if you wish to attend the awards evening.

Do I have to attend the awards evening to win?

Not at all, the awards evening is hosted to help celebrate the wedding industry itself and is a fantastic way of doing so! The atmosphere during the evening is great, it is an evening of celebration for the industry with everyone supporting one and other, taking time to catch up, network and applaud our winners and highly commended. It is a great way to really involve yourself in the industry.

We highly recommend you be at the awards evening for those reasons alone but if you need extra incentive, then it’s incredible for your social media content and for being seeing as the ultimate expert in your field to your couples! HOWEVER, if for whatever reason you cannot make the event and you are the winner of your category, you will still be announced on the evening, but the team will post your award trophy in the post at an additional cost of £7.50. Alternatively, if you know someone else attending the awards evening on the night and they are willing to collect it on your behalf, then this can be arranged.

How are the judges selected?

The awards team have been in the industry for over 8 years and have a great network of talented business owners in many industries and sectors. The team carefully select judges based on their experiences and expertise, which is why we look for really detailed responses in your entries.

What criteria are the entries judged on?

When the entries are judged we are looking for great entries that really answer the questions.

Have you provided the detail requested?

Have you answered the question in a way that really gives insight to your business?

Have you answered the questions in a way that shows the passion and drive you have for your business?

Do you have future plans? What are they?

What are the foundations of your business?

Answering the questions in detail and providing examples.

If I am unsuccessful in being selected as a finalist from my entry, can I get any feedback?

We can provide feedback for any entries that are not chosen as a finalist. The likely reason will be lack of information or content provided within the entry itself or if you are not eligible for entry, do not cover the particular postal codes and/or have not provided enough proof.

If I am entering private information such as financial or number of bookings, is this kept confidential?

All entry information is kept strictly confidential. Also, the judges will not know any business names whilst blind judging.

Can my company sponsor an award or the awards themselves?

Of course! We often have fellow industry peers sponsoring and supporting awards, you can view the sponsor prices and packages on the awards website!

What are the benefits for my business if I were to enter the awards?

Receiving an award from BSW Wedding awards is a testament to your hard work and achievements! It will offer your business additional opportunities as the exposure generated from it will not only show how valued you are in the industry but provide security knowing they are booking a business that comes highly recommended. Of course, there will be lots of networking opportunities to meet other businesses and build relationships with them, supporting each other’s business in the years to come.

Entering the awards alone will help you reflect and consider your past, present and future goals which gives you a great advantage in your category alone. The awards evening is a fantastic way to help celebrate the Bristol, Somerset, Wiltshire and surrounding areas phenomenal talent and it really is a great evening to be a part of and for you to celebrate everything that you have achieved so far.